AHFOC maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw the membership of any Pastor for immoral or inappropriate conduct, if necessary.

Use of the AHFOC name or logo without prior written approval from our Administrative Office is not allowed.

Membership with AHFOC does not give the right to act as an agent or spokesperson on behalf of this ministry, or act as a representative for this particular ministry without prior approval from our Administrative Office.

AHFOC membership does not entitle Pastors to personal speaking engagements with Bishop David G. Evans. All speaking requests must go through the same process and procedures as established by AHFOC.

Types of AHFOC Membership:

  • Pastor only (limited membership)
  • Pastor and Church (Full Membership)

AHFOC Commits to:

  • Providing spiritual cover for Pastors that desire to be ‘fathered’ by Bishop David G. Evans and the ministry of AHFOC
  • Joining with Pastors and Churches in prayer and intercession
  • Acting as mediator in crisis situations when appropriate
  • Conducting special Conferences and Summits for Leaders and members of the AHFOC
  • Providing access to Abundant Harvest Fellowship’s Administrative Leadership
  • Free exchange of ministry ideas and methodologies
  • Supporting AHFOC members during events in their geographical area
  • Exhibiting an attitude that is characteristically faithful, accountable and teachable
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