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About Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches

The Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, Inc. was conceived in June 1995 at the Pastor’s and Laymen’s Power of God Conference.  After experiencing a week of consecration, renewal, insight, instruction and celebration, the Lord led several pastors to seek leadership and direction.  The beginning of Fellowship was born.

The Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, Inc. (AHFOC) is unique in that it is without denominational restriction.  All churches maintain their names and denominational affiliation, if desired.  We believe that doctrinal agreement is the key to biblical unity.

We are a full gospel fellowship, believing that the gifts of the Spirit are alive and essential for productive biblical ministry and the expansion of the Kingdom of God through the Church.  In keeping with this stance, holiness is a lifestyle, not a denomination.  Our mission is fundamental: evangelize the lost, edify the saints for ministry and grow the local church.  The word of God is infallible, without error, absolutely essential for life and ministry.

The Fellowship has been structured to benefit the local pastor and congregation.  In keeping with this ministry imperative, all fellowship churches are assisted in perfecting ministry at all levels including administration, accounting, computerization, leadership development and facilities expansion.

We believe that this structure is achievable because it meets biblical standards and through the adoption and implementation of the Fellowship’s teaching principles, ministry objectives and biblical structure, the local church will experience growth, vitality and productivity.  Standing fast on the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, Inc. is committed and dedicated to meeting the needs of the local pastor and congregation.

After prayerful consideration, we hope you are led to join us as we endeavor to save souls and glorify the God of our salvation.

Yours in His Service,

Bishop David G. Evans
Bishop David G. Evans, Prelate
Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, Inc.

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