Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. What is the Fellowship’s stance on spiritual gifts?

    We believe in the entire ministry of the Holy Spirit including the gifts of the Spirit in their varieties, administrations and operations. We believe the gifts are relevant and essential for productive biblical ministry.

  2. 2. What is the Fellowship’s view on abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc.?

    Abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism is sin and that is the stance we take. Any lifestyle contrary to the fundamental interpretation of the Word is sinful and in need of ministry help.

  3. 3. What is the Fellowship’s view on Tithing?

    We believe tithing is a biblical mandate for every born again, yielded believer, plainly taught in both the Old and New Testaments.

  4. 4. Is this a Holiness or Pentecostal Movement?

    Our position, according to the Word of God, is that all churches should be “Holiness” and “Pentecostal” if they are biblical in their objectives and embrace a fundamental understanding of the Bible.

  5. 5. What is the Fellowship’s view on Women in Ministry?

    In keeping with our stance on spiritual gifts, we believe that women are called to pastor, preach and teach the Gospel and are used mightily of God. We support women with training, education, licensing and ordination.

We Want to Minister to Women in Ministry

AHFOC is committed to the special needs of women in ministry. We have experience in the support and development of gifted women. AHFOC is sensitive to the unique needs of women in ministry providing women a place and platform for maximized purpose and fulfilled opportunities.

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